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Indonesian citizens In Japan Survive Amid A Pandemic

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Jessyca Chrisanta Kumowal, London School of Public Relation Bali (LSPR Bali)

DENPASAR – baliprawara.com

The coronavirus outbreak that has occurred in the world since 2020 until now has had an impact on the world economic sector, including in Indonesia. As a result of this outbreak, the average income of the Indonesian people has decreased.

Then what about Indonesian citizens who live in other countries? As in Japan, which has recently experienced an increase in cases. Especially in the Tokyo area, Hokkaido, so that the local government has called for a state of emergency.

There are many Indonesian citizens living in this Sakura country, with various statuses. Even Indonesian citizens with student status rank second as the largest number living in Japan.

Although, only as a student, not a few are still looking for their own income by doing part-time jobs. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the income they received has decreased drastically.

As experienced by Janice Phebe (23), an Indonesian citizen who graduated from a vocational school in Japan and currently lives in the Tokyo area which is the capital of Japan. Janice said that the development of Covid-19 in Japan has indeed fluctuated. According to her, the impact she felt the most was in the economic sector. Where, fresh graduates like her, until now it is still difficult to get a permanent job in Japan.

Because it is said that only a few companies are opening job vacancies for foreigners, in order to reduce company expenses. In this case, not a few companies in Japan prioritize Japanese citizens first, rather than foreign nationals in recruitment.

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Until now, Janice only earns income as part-time workers in fast food restaurants. “Even in fast food restaurants, my income has also decreased, because both the number of visitors and the number of purchases tend to decrease every day. So I also have to save money, “said Janice.

Similar to what happened to Janice, Gary (21), a student who lives in the Kashiwazaki area, Niigata province, which is a rural area. He said that the spread of the coronavirus in Niigata was not too significant. However, the economic situation in the city has also declined. Just like Janice, Gary is also a part time worker. “Finding a part-time job is as difficult as finding a permanent job. And because this is a rural area plus being hit by corona, it is increasingly difficult to find part-time job vacancies,” he said.

Gary said that because of the coronavirus outbreak, the hotel where he worked part-time was forced to layoffs. Of course, this condition makes Gary must survive with the monthly money given by his parents.

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