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Lying About Her Passport At A Travel Agency, The Immigration Service Secured A Moroccan Citizen

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MANGUPURA – baliprawara.com

On Thursday (November 5), a woman with a Moroccan nationality had to be taken to the Ngurah Rai TPI Special Class I Immigration Office for further information. This is because woman who live in the Kuta area cannot show her travel document (passport) and residence permit document during the operation of the Joint Foreigner Monitoring Team (Timpora). Based on the results of the operation, this woman argued that her passport was still in the travel agent that invited her.

“From the results of the joint operation carried out in the Kuta area, it was found that one foreigner could not show a travel document (passport) and a residence permit document. She said that her passport was on her travel agent,” said the Head of Class I Office of Immigration Communication and Facilities of Ngurah Rai, Putu Suhendra.

Suhendra said that this joint operation was led directly by the Head of the Special Class I Immigration Office for TPI Ngurah Rai and members of Timpora which consisted of several agencies,  such as Posda Binda of Badung Regency, Kuta Sub-District, Kuta Sector Police, Military District Command 1611-03 Kuta and North Kuta, Kelurahan Kedonganan, Kelurahan Tuban, Kelurahan Kuta, Kelurahan Legian, and Kelurahan Seminyak.

Furthermore, he said, this joint operation was a follow-up to the implementation of the online Timpora Coordination Meeting which was held last Tuesday (November 3). The operation carried out related to the supervision of foreigners include checking residence permits, abuse of immigration residence permits, and implementing health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic at inns located in the work area of ​​the Special Class I Immigration Office of TPI Ngurah Rai, especially in the Kuta area.

During the operation, officers also reminded other foreigners about the time limit of stay permits, abuse of stay permits and always comply with health protocols set by the government of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition, officers also provide counseling to innkeepers to always report/ provide information about the whereabouts of strangers at their lodging through the APOA-NG application.

All operational activities are carried out jointly by all team members while still implementing health protocols, namely wearing masks, keeping the distance, and distributing masks to foreigners who are not wearing masks.  (MBP1)

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