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Bali Funtastic: Indonesia’s First Scooter Tour Opens

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by : Gendhis


The other way to have fun under the sun. Experience a different type of escape from reality at Bali Funtastic, Bali’s even Indonesia’s first scooter tour opens. 

Down along the countryside in Tegalalang, Gianyar by scooter with its rice field terrace view and be pleased with fresh air is the newest excursion destination. The scenery is fascinating, so be sure you bring your camera to take the picture or stop by at the creek to splash its crystal clear water. 

Don’t worry to get lost while riding your scooter down the road, because a guide that has been provided by Bali Funtastic will be your tour leader. “During the promotion, it will cost you Rp 100.000 per scooter with 45 minutes track and inclusive a glass of ice tea.” Said Ketut Agus, General Manager of Bali Funtastic.  

Not just a place to have fun, moreover, Bali Funtastic is a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes from local to western with their signature. For instance, the tuna steak sauce, the unique fishy sensation sauce of rujak kuah pindang, Balinese Fried Rice to dessert which will satisfy your taste-bud. Whilst, the beverage recipes are created by Ketut Agus as Bali Funtastic’s General Manager who is experienced as a sommelier. He poured the ideas through mocktails to cocktails. Coco fun mojito and flaming are the most favorite by its customers. Likewise, the bar provides shisha for its lovers. 

The restaurant is located on Jl. Lunga Tegalalang, Gianyar, Bali. It has up to 400 seating capacity consisting of a rooftop, indoor, outdoor, garden, and beanbags. The main view of this restaurant is the rice fields which make the ambiance more pleasant. ”Live music is available every Sunday by presenting local bands such as Nanoe Biroe and Lolot starting from 05.00 pm. Whilst, the regular acoustic is on Saturdays. We have good food, nice ambiance, and proper entertainment yet affordable. Means, the services and the food taste is a five-star hotel standardizes, but the price is reasonable. Hence, our tagline is ‘We’re here for The Universe’ which means, we are here for all people.” Said Ketut Agus, General Manager of Bali Funtastic.  

The uniqueness of the restaurant is its decoration. From the moment you enter, an unfinished giant statue will attract your attention. It called Dewi Sri Statue, it has 9 meters high when measured from the ground to the top of its head, while if measured from head to toe, the total length of the statue is 15 meters. “We need at least 100 bunches of reeds, a bunch of reeds is equal to one sack of rice. Which is done by 12 workers, and it takes 1.5 months to manufacture. All of them from Lod Tunduh Village, Ubud. The level of difficulty is the measurement of its anatomy and determining the good day in the process.” Said I Wayan Agus Eri Putra, the Statue’s Artist. 

Every corner of the restaurant has instagramable spots, as well as, there are two laughing Budha statues displayed on the stage which are also made from reeds. However, if the supergiant Dewi Sri statue has been completed, it will certainly be a more attractive spot, especially for selfie and wefie.

The concept of the restaurant is cozy, casual, and family-friendly. Therefore, Bali Funtastic is one of the must-visit restaurants in Gianyar, Bali. (MBP14)

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